Conniving printers!

I now join the probably millions of people who have dealt with the ills of epson ink. And yes, I registered for my share of the class action lawsuit. Anyone else have an epson? Now, I have to say I have no problems with the actual printer. It prints quite nicely and does a decent job on photos, although I only printed one because that is just being careless with ink when I could buy a hundred photos for $10-$12 on snapfish. Anyhow, we have all at one time or another been told by our computer, or the lack of text on our final reports, that we are out of ink. So what do you do? You take the cartridge out, give it a good shake, put it back and get another 100 pages out of it. Not with this printer. No, they got clever. They have a microchip on the bottom of the cartridges, (which buy the way they sell individually – cause it’s more convenient, ya know) that is soooo intelligent that it tells you when your cartridge is REALLLY out of ink. Not to sound like an 8th grader, but “NOOOOOOOOT!!” First of all, you need to know that every time this printer prints ANYTHING, even just a black and white document, it uses a little bit of ink from every cartridge. This is not in and of itself entirely bad, because it keeps the printer heads from drying out. The problem is that it will NOT print at all if even one of the cartridges is out of ink. So yesterday when my computer told me I was out of ‘light magenta’, I could not print a b&w document.

Oh wait, it gets better.

So I told you it has this clever microchip right? So I pull out the light magenta, give it a shake, and sure enough there is quite a bit of ink left inside that I can hear. So I shake it up, put it back….out of ink. Nothing fools the chip. So I’m thinking…ok…fine….I’ll buy a light magenta. Well, I did some online searching about the issue before I gave in to the ink swindles, and came upon quite a lot of chatter. That is when I found out about the lawsuit. Which is nice, but doesn’t really solve the problem. The problem is that the software that manages the printer and the ink is set to automatically reduce the amount of ink that is reported to be in the cartridge every time you print anything, and not just by a little. It doesn’t actually record how much ink is in the cartridge. Better yet, when the printer says it is out of ink, you can’t even refill it, the microchip will always say it is out of ink, unless you get one of these which I am highly considering after what happened tonight (oh yes, this was just the set up).

Ok, so you get the idea. So by the end of the day I was also officially out of ‘yellow’ too (keep in mind I hadn’t printed anything else). So I am like “fine, I’ll go buy them, cause I need to print!”. So I go to wally world tonight and they are out of light magenta, but they have the 5 pack. Oh yeah, I mentioned that they sell them individually to be more convenient (haha), but then they get to charge a little bit more individually (12.95). Think about it. A multicolor cartridge for some other printer may cost you $30 to $40 dollars, but the 5-pack of color cartridges I just bought cost me $64. How is that better? Especially considering that I couldn’t print anything if I am out of even one of them.

So, I buy the five pack, figuring it will save me pain later when more of them run out. Not expecting it to be very soon. (Although, light cyan was pretty low-officially). So I get home, put in light magenta, click ok, and it tells me that I am out of yellow (which I knew) AND light cyan (which I basically expected). No big deal. So I replace yellow, click ok and it tells me I am now OUT of light cyan, CYAN, AND MAGENTA!!!! Whaaaaaat?
Yes folks, my printer figured out that I must have bought the five pack and this was it’s big chance to reload. I know for a fact that “magenta” was more than half full (officially) yesterday. I restarted I double checked…nothing. Cause once it’s “out”, it’s “out”. So I just replaced all of my not-at-all-empty color cartridges in one night. Maybe i’ll mail epson my half-empty cartridges with a note that says “Shake me. Do I sound empty to you?”.

Moral of the story: don’t buy an epson.

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  • Anonymous - Wow! What a pain in the a–! How many cartidges does the thing have? I never knew that there was light magenta in a black type! I wish I could get a cut of every ink cartridge that they sell! How much do you think the guy got paid who created that little microchip? –J

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