Our "Tribute" to Cheryl

I’m swimming in pictures from this past weekend of my friend Cheryl’s wedding and more kid photos, plus all the photos I took at Adam’s and Em’s weddings…and more kid photos…..and friend photos…so I’m just posting random ones to keep you occupied. Here are myself, Melanie, Karla and Gauri doing our tribute at Cheryl and Tim’s reception. A Dutch tradition that I have to say is quite fun. Basically you give messages, or tell stories about the couple. Funny and serious. Apparently in The Netherlands they are pretty ruthless. The American version was a little bit more tame. Picture a ‘roast’ with the sensors paying attention the whole time. hehe. anyhow that’s what this pic is of.

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  • Maaike - I want to see more pictures of the wedding! 🙂

    Greetings Maaike (The Netherlands)

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