A moments rest

Whew. Finally, I have a little time to just sit down and take a break. The past several days have been pretty hectic. Saturday was of course the big back to school event, followed by the Journey/Def Leppard concert with John and Dan. Fun times, but tiring. I got a ton of great pictures on Saturday, some of which I will share. Sunday, I took John to the airport for his trip to Colorado for a conference. Then yesterday, Rita and I drove to Austin for our own conference (Rita had to present) and then we drove back. Yes, all in one day. I FINALLY got to sleep in this morning and put a tiny dent into my sleep debt. But now I must get on with the business of work and trying to clean this house before John gets back. Wish me luck. Tell me if you recognize the person in this photo with me – 2 points for the nickname, 5 points for his real name.


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  • Mielinski - but after the first person guesses right…wont everyone get it right? =P

    ok…my guess is Mr. Fish? 😉

  • K - It’s just for fun Dan. Yipee if everyone gets it right!

  • bobrsmith - Hootie, ie Darius Rucker? I’m not sure on the real name but it’s something like that.

  • K - yeah mr. smith!

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