yummy dip

in case you get the muchies like me, i just “made up” a new dip and it’s very tasty. (obviously this is not a new recipe, i just didn’t use one to make it)

get a little 8oz thing of sour cream
add quite a bit of dill weed
dash of….onion powder, garlic salt, celery salt
to taste.

tastes good to me, especially with the new ‘cracked pepper and olive oil’ triscuits

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  • broccoflower - one of my friends mixes in powdered ranch dressing into fat free sour cream, or those knorr veggie soup mix packets into sour cream for a nice veggie dip.

  • K - yeah. ever since i can remember, my sis and I mixed ranch powder into sour cream. but alas, i was out, so i just improvised. =) Does anyone even know what goes into “Ranch”?

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