Ok, yes, this is different.

For some reason unknownst to me, but knownst to them, the file storage folks have been messing around lately and my template refuses to work continuously. Kind of like the power in our neighborhood. [Over the past week, the power has gone out for about 1 hour on three seperate days]. Anyhow, to spare you having to look at that boring white default look, I temporarily switched back/over to the ‘fancy’ new configurable templates that blogger provides. I think they are fine, and they offer some good options. I have taken full advantage on my reading list blog, which you won’t be able to link to until I add those links to this template. Or just go HERE. So for the time being, here is the blog. woo. hoo.

Ok. I added the links now.

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  • Cheryl - Yesterday the web host of a friend of mine moved their site to a new server with different file paths and everything stopped working. The host emailed my friend after-the-fact – there was no advance warning – to say everything had changed! Talk about service.

    Hope your problem is fixed soon 🙂

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