Our weekend.

Our weekend. Since it’s already Friday(ignore the post date), I guess I should tell you all how it went. I’ve been going full steam since we got back, so this is the first chance I have to sit down and type. Anyhow, we had a great time. John’s sister Deb flew in a day or so before the game. We drove down to Austin on Friday and met some friends. Once we conquered our first cab adventure, we made it downtown to a place called Stubbs. Great bar-b-que and this was one of the places that ‘sold it’s soul’ to the Buckeye invaders, so it was full of OSU folks. We hung out there until our friends showed up and then went and explored 6th street. It was a lot of fun. Buckeyes and Longhorns mingling all over the place, and a few of the bars were really playing to the Buckeye crowd.

Saturday we had a little breakfast at one of the many local Denny’s. Good stuff after a late night. Plus, the meal totally paid off, as we didn’t really get to eat anything substantial again until AFTER THE GAME, (read- 11pm). So yeah, that was some good food. Anyhow, we met our friends down by the stadium and hung out with a few tailgaters and made some new friends while we were there. Some good friendly ribbing ensued all day, with both sides confident that they would be the victors. Everyone was really nice and we kept hearing from people that they were surprised that Buckeyes could be this nice. (Apparently traveling Buckeyes are a tad better behaved than some of our ‘home’ fans – not pointing fingers) We were just proud that even with SOOOO MANY Buckeyes in town, people were friendly on both sides and kept it fun. It was really neat though to see Buckeyes everywhere we went. And not just a few.

So, over the course of the weekend, almost all of us had found tickets to the game. All under very different circumstances. Amazing in some cases. With about 2 hours left before the game, we were able to get tickets. (yeah!) We had to wait for a certain individual to show up with Bart and Deb’s tickets, and while we were waiting…guess who showed up??

Yes, that would be Archie. He was kind enough to pose for a photo. Good times. So after quite a bit of effort, we found our way into the stadium and our seats. Here is the view from our spot! (Just click on the pic to make it bigger- this pic was taken right before we scored)

So, we had a great time at the game. We sat with some really nice and fun Texas fans and a few Buckeyes sprinkled throughout the crowd. We cheered as loud as we could for the Buckeyes, although it’s weird being like 10 people going “let’s go Bucks” when NO ONE else is, anywhere near you. hehe. I have to say the Texas fans seemed to be in shock when it was clear they weren’t going to win. I for one, did not stop holding my breath and freaking out until there was 1 minute left in the game. I mean, stranger things have happened. It felt really good to be there for the win and to watch our defense actually get better during the game! It was also really neat to see all of the Texas fans and watch their traditions. This was my first away game ever, (minus that bowl game in highschool- but bowl games don’t count) and you are completely immersed in another school’s atmosphere and traditions. You get a little more respect for another team like this when you can see that their school and traditions mean as much to them as ours do to us. I think they found out quickly about ours though. They are probably sooooo sick of hearing O-H, I-O! Another thing that was a lot of fun, was explaining what buckeyes were to people. Most of them had no clue, and I even got to explain Brutus to some of the kids sitting behind us. Overall, it was a great time and well worth the trip. Plus, we won! It was funny because after the game, there were several Longhorn fans who told us that we better go all the way this year since we beat them. Sounds like a good goal to have. So, that was the gist of our weekend in Austin. Good times. Go Bucks!

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