Playing in the Dirt

We had a great Labor Day weekend. Did some much needed landscaping in front. Here are a few pics from our project. The first is our lovely tilled soil, almost ready for some ‘fancy’ soil. Then there is John, taking out some aggression on one of the many super annoying roots in our planting area. I also took out some aggression with the potato rake, but J found a more efficient tool for the job. Then a look at our handywork. We have since put in a few more plants to complete the look. We were super blessed with a FULL day of steady rain the day after we planted. Awesome! So our plants, for the time being, are very happy. Come on plants! Come on plants! Plus, our grass is growing!!

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  • Anonymous - That’s great! Thanks for posting those — i loves seeing pics of what your world is looking like. ; ) Good work.

    Go Bucks!
    Go green team (Delaney has her first game tomorrow night)!


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