Whatcha reading?

Just curious. What are you reading right now? I am reading THIS & THIS right now and listening to THIS too. I read a lot of books at once. Can’t you tell? So, what are YOU reading?

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  • Tim - Hmm not much actually. I was reading Stephen King’s Tower series. I am currently halfway through the second volume. There are seven in total.

  • Anonymous - Currently…The Heart of Anger, by Lou Priolo; Romans

    Just finished…When Heaven Weeps by Ted Dekker…great book


  • Anonymous - I’m in the middle of Darcy & Elizabeth, but I need to start Marley & Me for my book group that meets next week. I just finished The Kite Runner. –JaNae

  • Anonymous - Well Karyn, let me teel you what I’ve been reading lately (except schoolbooks of course)

    Lobotomy – Surviving The Ramones, which is the autobiography of the late Dee Dee Ramone. It was really cool to read, it took me two days.

    I read a little biography of Vincent van Gogh which I had already read once, but I just read it again.

    Now I’m reading The Football Factory, which is a (fictional)
    book about English football-hooligans. Highly realistic, sometimes pretty crazy, sometimes pretty funny.

    Oh, and I also read Je Hebt Het Niet Van Mij (which translates into: I didn’t tell you, but…), which is a year-long report of a highly dysfunctional soccerclub in Holland (Vitesse) and it was absolutely HILARIOUS, especially because it was all true. The writer actually spent a whole season in the club to write about everything that went on there. It turns out the coach was an idiot, the players were a bunch of idiots and really stupid too, the organisation of the club was non-existent, members of the board were idiots and on top of that they didn’t win many matches either, which didn’t help to improve the overall atmosphere of the club either. I had to laugh out loud so many times! Their star-player is probably the dumbest bloke in soccer history.

    Anyway, I’m thinking about ordering John Lydon’s autobiography. That should be really good.

    So that is what I am reading, have been reading and hope to read in the future!

    Now I’m back to my schoolbooks!
    Later, Jeroen.

  • Cheryl - I’m almost done with “The Perfume: History of a Murderer” (or at least that’s the translation to English from Dutch). They made a movie in Germany out of this originally French book and it’s recently been released – finishing the book up before I watch the movie.

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