Slow Town Saturday Night

Not this past saturday of course. We went
to a fairly fun pumpkin carving party. But the weekend before
that…..not much going on. We went out to dinner at this new Lebanese
place which turned out to be quite good, although the wait for the food
was a bit long. We were running out of “bread”, flan or whatever that
stuff was, and I was starting to worry that J might wander into the
kitchen to find something to eat. But once it got there, the food was
good. Then we went to the BB&B store and bought the really nice
picture frames I had found to hang our Jamaica pics in the living room
(you’ll just have to visit if you want to see them). And then we went
to the bookstore, got some coffee. Walked around……la de da. Whatcha
wanna do? I dunno. Go home and play video games? Any game? ok. Wait, I
know, how about a puzzle? Brilliant! And we proceded to drive to
Walmart at 10:30pm and buy two puzzles. Why? Because they were $4, and
someday we might want to do another puzzle. (I would like to admit at
this point that I was for some reason way too excited about
doing a puzzle). Anyhow, we spent all night until about 3am and all
afternoon Sunday and this is what we came up with:


Not too bad. 1000 pieces in approx. 10 hours? The trees were the worst part.

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