Thoughtful Thoughts of the Day

How can such an ‘open’ person be so
closed? I ask myself this question every once in awhile, when I
occasionally have the realization that I keep a lot of things to
myself. I will strike up a conversation with a person in a checkout
line at the grocery and tell her that I have 8 nieces and nephews and
that practically everyone I know is pregnant, and that I’m from
Ohio…yada yada yada. Things like that. But i’ve noticed that for things
that I probably should talk to someone about…. I don’t. Lips sealed.
Bottle cap tight. It makes me think that I do a lot of talking about
absolutely nothing, and very little talking about actual important
things. Not that bragging about my nieces and nephews isn’t important.
Just all the other stuff.

‘how ya doing?’…..good……..fine……what’s new……not much…….go
bucks……oh……..did you watch that show? ……yeah, pretty funny……… see
ya later… bye

And of course, since people actually read this, I have to present
anything of a sensitive or revealing nature with such ambiguity that no
one will have a clue what I mean. But maybe i’ll try sometime soon. If
I could just make up my mind on what I want this blog to look like. But
that’s a whole different waste of time.

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