5am Price Check

Yes, we did it. For the first time in my life that I can remember, I was waiting outside a store before it opened, the day after Thanksgiving. The main reason for this, was to get a particular item or two that were selling for 50% off of way-too-much, rendering the cost reasonable. Reasonable enough for me to wake up at 4am and drive to the store, wait in line with about 300 (yes) other people. And guess who volunteered to go with me? John! (I think he was really just worried I would get trampled or something). There were a lot of guys out there at 5am though. More than I expected for a store that was not a guy store. The line next door at Best Buy….was insane. Around the back of the building and beyond for sure. Well, that’s what happens when you offer 42″ plasma screen tvs for 50% off. People go crazy. I imagine that the scene when they opened the doors went something like that car commercial where everyone runs in the door and puts their hand on a car and says “Mine!”. I am proud to say I stayed away from Walmart. That would have been insanity.

Although it was for sure a surreal experience, I was mostly impressed with people’s manners. There were only a handful of people bold enough to walk straight up to the front doors completely ignoring the line (of course, they got right in). And there were only a few people in line who felt compelled to yell at them. (At least near us). Nobody pushed or anything, but sadly I think that is only because we went to a less popular store. It was amazing though to see how people moved around once we all got inside the store. Personally, I was headed to a certain section (we had a plan of attack, of course) in quite a hurry. But there were people moving faster than me, and people moving MUCH slower. I mean, we’ve all gotten up quite ridiculously early….most of us have not had breakfast, let alone coffee. Now is not the time to browse and meander. Everyone was polite though and waited until the slow pokes (in my case, young healthy looking people who were not caring for small children) had passed by and then bolted to our goals. John said some woman told an older man to get out of the way, but that’s about all the bullying we witnessed.

Due to some quick thinking by John, we achieved our goal at that store and moved on. We ended up shopping all morning just to get most of it out of the way and then we headed home and crashed. Not a bad day’s efforts. Next year, if “IT” is not at least 75% off, I’m sleeping in.

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