So, yeah. um. I think I may have finally figured out what I am going to do about the ‘blog’ thing. I know. I change my mind alot. The only reasoning I can give for my recent blog switching behavior is one that only habitual shoppers will understand. If you’ve never spent 4-6 hours at a mall shopping without getting tired, you probably won’t get this. Imagine you go to the mall and you are looking for a certain item of clothing, say, a pair of jeans. You then proceed to go to every store that sells jeans and try on their jeans. Even if you find a pair you really like, you just put them on hold and move on to the next store. Once you have gone through the entire mall, you go back and purchase the pair you liked the most. This is basically what I have been doing… trying out different blog services to see which one was the best. Anyhow, once it is finished, the new blog will be a real site, not one hosted somewhere else. Finally. So, I’ll keep you posted, but for now, this is where I’ll be posting. It’s my second choice. Very cool, but too expensive in the long run. later.

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  • Cheryl - Karyn, are you going crazy?! I know I am 😛 Can’t believe you can’t pick a site and stay there, though I agree with you that TypePad is too expensive for the long term. So dare I ask: why this in the short-term?

  • k - Ok. good questions Cheryl. This is what happened. I have been using blogger since nov. 2004 when I started blogging. Ever since i found out about wp, i have wanted to do that, but i wasn’t up for paying for service just for my own selfish site. when came along, i was like yeah! and decided to make the big switch. but silly me, i found this other wordpress host ( that had more themes, features, etc, so i went with them. all was going well, until their server had two major (several days) downtime periods in a matter of two weeks. well, that is just plain annoying, even if the service IS free. So i decided to switch over to that was fine, except i started noticing all of the limitations that free wp had. everytime i went to the support forum , all i found was “well, that’s easy as long as you are hosting wp on your own site, but you can’t do that on” So after reading that the umpteenth time, i decided to do something about it. the OTHER site that i’ve always liked is typepad. Mr. Ventura’s sight uses this and i love his photo albums and all of the sidebar widgets he has. So i decided to do the free trial on Typepad. Well, in the process of setting this up, other web resources that i had been using for business purposes, became available for personal use, namely (add-on domains). So I decided to just host my own site, since i had already paid for it, instead of also paying for typepad. So, for right now, this is where i am posting, but the new site will be up, probably by the end of turkey weekend. whew. yep, i am going crazy. you’re not imagining things. Thanks for following all the links though! It’s like “Where in the Web is Karyn?”

  • k - Also, yes, I could have just gone back to blogger until i figured this all out, but i actually thought that each time i switched, it was the last time. sorry for the craziness. (i’m really just dodging spambots. they’re after me!) hehe.

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