G needs some help

Alright everyone. I need thinkers. My friend Gauri, who frequently posts on here, has a dilemma. I am going to insert a bit of her post here so you can see it in her own words…

The wedding invites are on special hand-made paper from India, which
normally would be a *good* thing. Unfortunately, this hand-made paper
is causing a massive problem with any commercial printer. We’ve gone to
7 different print shops and they are telling us that aside from writing
on addresses ourselves (400 people are invited), they suggest printing
addresses on clear labels, which is incredibly tacky for a wedding
invite. A calligrapher would charge an arm and a leg, but, more
importantly, would take a long time– which would only allow us to send
out the invites a month before the wedding. My parents want to
hand-write them, but neither of them can do nice lettering– my father
writes in small caps and my mother’s handwriting is, well, just basic
handwriting. I can do nice lettering, but I am studying for a bar exam
and have a LOT on my plate right now. I told my parents to ship me as
many as they are willing to ship, and that I would work around the
clock if I had to, and to look into a calligrapher or ANYONE with good

So there are a few options that she has presented, but they do all take a lot of time. Can anyone think of more ideas? I had one idea for the return addresses, she could use a custom made stamp with caligraphy style writing. Please help her out! Brainstorm people! Thanks!

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