Nevermind the Research

I don’t care if they say that it is good for me or not, chocolate makes
me feel better. Sometimes you are just not having the best day, and
into your head pops the idea….”frosty”, or “pint of dutch chocolate ice
cream”…. And then you turn your car around, or put on your shoes and
leave the house in search of your chocolate fix. And while this might
seem like a meaningless craving to the untrained eye (or most men), it
is a mission with purpose. Nothing beats the first bite of the
chocolate treasure. And when you are finally finished (at least for me)
…. happiness. satisfaction. Chocolate does not solve my problems, or
ultimately calm my fears. What it does provide is a few minutes of
solitude, plain old enjoyment to just give myself a break. And maybe
there’s a little something in that chocolate that actually makes me
feel better too. yay for chocolate.

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