Tech Support In Germany

I just wanted to say thanks to my friend Cheryl and her husband Tim for their help with the new site. Thanks to Cheryl, who’ve I’ve got to actually talk to on the phone!(yipee!), I now have a functioning photo gallery within my blog! Just click on the Gallery tab and check it out. More pics to come, for certain. Cheryl and Tim just got married this year in Ohio, if you recall, and now they are living in some city in Bavaria, Germany. I hope I got that right. I just remember Tim saying something about that being the part of Germany where they have the most holidays! woohoo! Thanks again Cheryl and Tim!

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  • Tim - Tech Support in Germany! ROFL! The nerds… erhm… wait, you meant me? 😉

    Thanks for the post!


  • Cheryl - Hi Karyn, loved doing this, glad to contribute to a site I love to frequent, keep the blog coming 🙂

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