Thanksgiving 2006: From Scratch (mostly)

Thanksgiving. A time for favorite foods, traditions and family.  Or, for those of us living away from our families, a time for lots of nostalgic favorite foods, new traditions, and a random assortment of friends that feel like family.  Every year since I’ve been in Texas, our Thanksgiving has been a little different. Every year it has been a blast. The only thing that has been the same every year? I made homemade noodles. That’s just a requirement.

On my first Thanksgiving in Texas…..J and I celebrated with Mr. Bond at his house.  Why there? Because he had a real table of course. Keep in mind that this was pre-any kind of real furniture that wasn’t from college. So I made about 8 dishes that year…a small turkey, noodles, mashed potatoes (I am still amazed I made all of this in J’s tiny kitchen), some beef cheese nacho dip dish, blackberry pie….deviled eggs?….I forget the rest. I just remember loading it all into J’s truck and holding on for dear life to all the food as we drove over speed bumps and handled traffic. Traveling with food is fun.

Thankfully, the next year, we had a house! With a table! So we had our friends Charlene and Adam over for dinner.  Again, noodles, turkey, the works.  We all had a severe case of turkey coma that year though.  And ours turned into the flu, but oh well.  At least we had the long weekend.

Last year, we again had Thanksgiving with Mr. Bond, and this time J’s sister flew down and we had a grand old time the whole weekend. 😉

This year has to be the most creative of all of our Texas Thanksgivings. Us, Mr. Bond, Jim, Renee, a relative of Jim’s who was “officially out sick from work” last week, and their little girl Taylor and 2 DAY OLD little girl Katelyn! We cooked, we ate, we ate some more, we watched football. It was nice. Just like family…minus the football.

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