Thanksgiving 2006: The Prequel

I don’t know if that’s how you spell prequel…but oh well. Twas the night before…(well it’s way past midnight so whatever)…Thanksgiving and I was still baking. The pies are done, the noodles are ready/done….. Tomorrow we are celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends Jim and Renee and their little girl Taylor and her super new (as in born yesterday) little sister! My first ever attempt at pumpkin pie looks ok…we’ll see how they taste tomorrow. I just hope the turkey is completely thawed by tomorrow, or we may have to use the backup turkey (don’t ask). Here are some pics, but I’ll post more pics after the festivities tomorrow. Everyone loves pictures of food and little kids!

These are my homemade noodles (exciting!) and my first ever pumpkin pies!

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