Are you a loser?

For those of you who are mildly addicted to television like we are, you may have been following the show The Biggest Loser on NBC. We started watching this season just by default. Nothing else interesting was on, and instead of just turning off the tv and reading or doing something productive, we searched until we found something watchable. Maybe it was because I have been really focusing on getting in shape and learning healthier eating and exercise habits this year, but I was just really interesting in watching the stories of the contestants. It’s always motivating to watch others succeed, and to watch them push through their doubts and struggles and take control. Anyhow, the finale was last night, and the winner of the whole thing (there were other prizes awarded) was Eric, who started the contest at 407 lbs, and lost 214 lbs (~54% of his body weight) to reach his final weight of 193! You can read about the finale HERE.

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  • Heather Hurley (Smith) - Wow, I haven’t seen you since Michelle Blom’s(Fultz) wedding. I am not too technically advanced, but it’s nice to hear about everybody. You seem to be enjoying Texas. Not much has changed with Ohio, unless you consider a newborn a big change. Just kidding. Ha! We welcomed Libby Louise on November 30. She joins Emma Nicole- 3 years old. Hope all is well in the Lone Star State. I drove by your parent’s house the other day and thought about you. I hope that doesn’t seem weird.

  • gauri - I used the Biggest Loser dvd to lose inches for the wedding and it’s really worked better than the personal trainer I fired. It kicks your butt.

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