Before I forget…

Happy Birthdays Mom & Dad!

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  • The 70's Couple - Hey how did that OLD picture get on your nice colorful website. (Oh to be so young again)
    We really like your new website and your gallery of pictures…Loved the pictures of the backyard with snow. M & D

  • Heather - What I really like about the picture that may not be evident, are the words on Mom’s t-shirt — “Proud to be a Farm Wife”. So who bought that, mom, you or dad? A free gift from the seed salesman? Or the milk co-op?

    We’ll have to scan a new “old” picture in every year on their birthdays, Karyn, and post it for the Internet world to see. : )


  • Karla - Karyn – I never noticed… you look EXACTLY like your mom… and EXACTLY like your dad!!! How is that possible???

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