It’s coming on Christmas…

There’s what…8 days until Christmas now. I’m still trying to get ready. I’ve finished all my shopping, but there’s still plenty to do. I’m currently working on certain projects that can’t be discussed here for fear of spoiling surpises….but they are not pieces of cake. Anyhow, the getting ready is getting done, slowly but surely.

Tomorrow I go back to the Nutritionist at the fitness center and do my first body fat % re-test after my first one back in September. Hopefully I’ve gone down some. I feel like I have, although the scale doesn’t show it of course. Tonight I wasn’t that good, dinner was lean, but I indulged in a few pieces of my own candy. Boooo. We’ll see. The calipers don’t lie….or whatever weird measuring tools she uses.

Heard some wonderful news from a friend this weekend! Once I’m sure that the information has been appropriately disseminated by her to everyone, I’ll actually be able to talk about it!

The traveling and our meetings went fairly well this past week. Rita was pretty worn out by all the traveling, but she’s entitled to be. It was nice to visit Austin and San Antonio. I took a nice walk along the Riverwalk Tuesday night and got a few more chapters read of Splendor. Well, this was my break in the action of my current project, so back to work. Hope everyone’s week goes well.

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  • Cheryl - Wonderful news, huh? Okay, who’s pregnant? 🙂

  • k - I’m not saying anything…..yet….

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