Weekend ‘O Fun

It’s been quite the eventful and amusing weekend. Friday, I got some work done and then J and I went out Christmas shopping and met a few of our friends for lots and lots of pool. I think we either ended up tying them, or losing by one. I stopped counting after the 10th game of doubles. Saturday was a great time, because my friend C and I went to B’s house and made 169 chocolate truffles. Very nice. Very yummy. See the gallery for pics of the truffles and B’s WONDERFUL kitchen that I am soooo jealous of. Last night we just hung out and watched the last half of King Kong. J is catching the first part right now. Today….more Christmas shopping and I am working on some homemade Christmas gifts that I am not at liberty to discuss in detail. This coming week and the following week are going to be pretty hectic. I hope you all have a good, calm week. My goal is to get to the gym to burn off some of the too many truffles that I tested. =)

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  • Mielinski - now how come all the other people in your little story got to be represented by a letter of their name….but myself and Mr. B are just “some people”? DISCRIMINATION!

  • Cheryl - Wow, those are some high-class truffles! (saw the pics on your gallery) Looking good

  • Mielinski - how come i am just included in “a few friends”….and all the other people in your little story were referenced by an initial? i got shafted!

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