For the Boys

Ok, girls can answer this too, but keep in mind your responses won’t get as much credit because, well, you are women – and you tend to like things that women like.

Ok, if you HAD to go to a baby shower (relatively serious answers please) where there would be plenty of other guys, and beer, and snack food……

And you had to play ONE “game”.

Give me your thoughts on the following games and if you have any suggestions…(clean)….please do tell:

Option #1 – Diapers for Daddy – Not an organized game. There is a table set up with diapers that will all go in a diaper bag for Dad-to-be. Everyone is supposed to write a message to Dad on a diaper and put it into the bag. (From past tales of this activity – the messages themselves do NOT have to be “clean” – they are diapers, but you should think of the personality of the Dad-to-be when writing)

Option #2 – Price Is Right – We have several parenting/baby specific items on display. Everyone has to try and guess the price of each item. Who ever is the closest gets a little gift, and Mom-to-be gets the items being guessed on. This is another game/activity that can be set up on a table and not done as a Everyone-play-togther-at-the-same-time kind of game. Boys, keep in mind that the “little gift” could be something like more BEER, or something you actually might enjoy.

Option #3 – (I found this one online) Big Belly Race ~ This is an excellent couples or co-ed shower idea!! Blow up some balloons, have all the men in the room (or women) put one under their shirts, and then have a “RACE” to see which one of them can tie their shoes the fastest!! This is truly FUNNY and the mom-to-be will absolutely love watching them. (Be careful though, all the laughing might put her into labor.) (There are going to be quite a few guys at this thing).

Option #4 – Pillow Talk (from web)
Just for fun, not a game. Write down everything the mother-to-be says when she opens her gifts. After all the gifts are opened, explain that her comments were ‘what she said on the night the baby was conceived’! Read her comments out loud for some hysterical inuendos. Some Grannies may not appreciate this!

Any suggestions?

Responses such as “Don’t Go”,or “I didn’t even know I was the father”, etc….will be ignored.

Thanks! =)

Any suggestions????

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  • Mielinski - Option #5 – Last moments of freedom – The game starts with guys on one side of the room and girls on the other. When the “official” says go (usually a woman)…the girls close their eyes and count to 100. During that time, all the guys run out of the house and go to the nearest strip club! For the rest of the shower, the game is still going on. The women open gifts, eat some cake, and have great conversation….and never care where the men are. they wait patiently until they return (many hours later) and then take them home. This game can accomodate 2 – 100 players

  • karyn - Ok, (single men) (hypothetical situation) imagine that you have found and married a woman you actually love and she loves you back. You actually want children, and do not consider them as any form of punishment or hinderance. Now imagine your wife is going to have a baby, and you are EXCITED about it. What activities/game would you be willing to make your engineering friends play/do IN THE SAME ROOM as the other guests?

    Or, for something you might comprehend easier, imagine that the men who have attended came with their wives and there is no way that the wives will let their husbands leave, let alone go to a strip club. =) Thanks for trying.

  • Bob R. Smith - If I had to pick from the options, 4, 1, 3, 2 in that order.

  • Mielinski - i think most guys wouldnt really want to play any game. If anything…..they would like a game that only involved the women so they could get away from the estrogen for a while. not leaving the party…but perhaps just be in the kitchen….away from the girly stuff.

  • gauri - They did #4 at one of my bridal showers- it was HILARIOUS 🙂 You have to get the right person to read it– preferably someone dramatic.

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