Get out of my head!

I’m listening to British radio online (good music, entertaining commercials and traffic reports) and every 5th song is on the game Guitar Hero! Ah, all I can think about are those notes going across the tv screen! Right now they’re playing Message in a Bottle (The Police). I’ll say this, that game has forced me to listen to all those guitar parts in the background that I otherwise might not notice. The sad part is I only played the game for one evening and morning over a month ago, and the songs are still very much with me.

Does anyone else have this “problem”?

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  • Mielinski - but do you sing along with the song by saying “green, green, red, yellow, red, red, yellow…..” cause that is when you really have a problem!

  • Tim - hey hey, yeah i know what you mean… was addicted to this game for a while. Now I am desperately trying to resist buying the sequel. Did not know you are into this music and games though… we should have played it last summer ;P maybe next time!

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