Things I Saw Today That…

Made me cough: My first Texas dust storm. Now, it wasn’t like you couldn’t see or anything. It was more like brown windy fog that wasn’t so fun to breathe. The winds today were at least steady in the 40’s and gusts of I don’t know how much. I know one of our fence panels blew down and the boys are fixing it right now. It was just interesting to see. It only lasted about 4 hours and then cleared up. I’ve seen plenty of smoke ‘storms’ before on windy days when there are field fires to the west, but this was my first dust one. Fun times.

Made me laugh: A little boy in a department store in the mall, probably about 3 or 4 years old was trying on ALL the shoes (grown up shoes) he could find and walking around in them – much to his grandparents’ dismay. He was just walking around in these strappy sandals making them click clack as loud as he could. He was having fun and making everyone around him smile in the process. His grandmother asked him “You are a boy. Why are you wearing these girls shoes?” And he responded, “Because it’s fun!” Apparently boys shoes are boring, and I mean, what else are you going to do when you are stuck in the women’s shoes section for half an hour?

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