What Monday Feels Like

Ah. I almost forgot. This is what Monday feels like. Setting my alarm to get me up at 6, navigating a combination of snooze buttons until I roll out of bed around 6:45 (on a good day), brush teeth, make coffee, wake up to the weather or some random music videos….or if i’m really lazy, the today show…turn on computer…start making breakfast….fun fun. Getting back to work.
It’s not like I haven’t done ANY work over the past week, but on ‘vacation’ you don’t get much work done, even when you try. Yep, we spent most of the last week in Galveston, TX having a very nice relaxing time with J’s Mom and Sis. It wasn’t as warm as we had hoped, only one day where we could enjoy being outside by the pool, but our resort was on the beach and it was still pretty. We ate a LOT of food last week – lots of different types – and it was all very good. The only food we REALLY shouldn’t have eaten? You know that brand of peanut butter that was on the news that got recalled for salmonella poisioning, and they said “if the lot number is 2111…..stop eating it and call the manufacturer”? Yep, we found that out on like Wed. that the peanut butter we had purchased on Friday….and had eaten almost all of! was exactly the peanut butter that was being recalled! Fun fun. Apparently we all have pretty healthy immune systems, cause we were all fine.
I’ll be posting pics soon from our trip. So have a happy Monday, and a happy President’s Day.

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  • Heather - Well, it’s good to “see” you. : ) It’s probably horrible how I wait for you to post and then feel like I’ve had contact with my sister. You just give and give and I just take and take.

    Glad to hear you had a vacation and got to see John’s family. We’re doing OK here, finally warming up a bit this week, they say.

    Love you — H

  • karyn - Hey, I’ll take all the ‘contact’ I can get. How much snow did you get?

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