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Whew. ok. something else for you people to read. Let’s talk about…..politics. sounds like fun. anyone? Does anyone think that Mrs. Bill has a chance at the democratic nomination? Does anyone care yet? I should write a new post called “All I ever needed to know about the presidential candidates I learned from watching comedy central”. Seriously. did you know that Mr. Colbert has his own Ice Cream flavor right now at Ben and Jerrys. I can drive 30 min. away and get some (it’s in Arlington, Dan). Yeah, they made a map. SEE! Craziness.

I think the reason I like the comedy news so much, particularly S.C. is because EVERY news person SPINS. Even the weather people. IT’s the WORST 1 inch of rain ever! Run! Hide! Come on. But these guys spin it so at least it’s funny. They are AWARE that they are spinning, unlike most of the ‘real’ reporters. And heck Colbert spins so blatantly that ANYONE could figure it out. But they’re funny! And I think one of the reasons that political folks do well after they go on the show (usually), is because at least in the case of Colbert, they don’t get pampered and allowed to do their whole schpeil and stuff. They are made more real because they are in a completely foreign news environment – one where they have to be themselves.

Alright. That’s all I got.

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