Independent Music -help

Ok, I need help. Not any kind of real or in any way serious help, just ideas. I bought some tickets to a thing, and I got a coupon that lets me download 50 free songs, but it’s all independent music, not major label folks. I only have 1 more week to download 45 songs…. so I need suggestions of artists that you love that no one knows about. Pleeeeeease!
I already downloaded some Dropkick Murphys (Dan) and a few other random songs, and one reeeeeeaaaallly bad song. Apparently anyone can get their music on here.

Any genre.


the site is if you want to check it out.

Download PDF
  • Mielinski - which songs?

  • k - I downloaded “Kiss me, I’m….” but if you have other good song suggestions, by all means.

  • heather - Don’t know about these, really, but they’re independent and were featured in CCM last month.

    Tara Leigh Cobble
    Jonny Diaz Band
    Christine Evans
    David Olson

    The first one looks the most promising.


  • Mielinski - is there anything from David Hasselhoff?

  • gauri - I have a bunch of artists on my blog playlist… some are kind of obscure. My newest obsession are the Mountain Goats and also Sufjan Stevens (but he’s kind of well known). Check out Jonathan Coulton too… he’s kind of hard to find.

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