Thunderstorms and Special Tape

I got to experience the fun and excitement of airport delays yesterday. Oh, what joy. It wasn’t THAT bad. Supposed to leave at 630pm from Austin to Dallas, left at about 11:15pm. But hey, we LEFT. It’s not like I had to wait that long and THEN have my flight canceled. Plus, for awhile I had some company, one of the folks from the meeting I was at all day was on the flight ahead of us and they were already on the plane and then had to get back off. But they caught a ‘window’ in the storm and eventually got out of there around 8:15pm. Here’s the short version of my wait.

4pm arrive at airport straight from meeting, get something to eat.
530pm Watch all the people that had boarded their plan at 430pm…get back off their plane.
(I wasn’t paying that much attention and I honestly thought these people were arriving, until I saw a person from the meeting and was like “how are you arriving?”)
Status Report: No flights are going in our out of DFW area because of severe weather/tornado watches, etc. (Our plane is still in Dallas)
A bunch of people decide to carpool and just drive to Dallas (It’s only a 3 hour drive/45 min flight), so I tried to get bumped up to the flight that actually had a plane sitting here. No joy – too slow.
8pm they have all the folks who were on my flight but going to Dallas only, come up and they switched us to a different flight, that MIGHT leave in an hour.
815pm That first flight finally boards and leaves (I think they left, I can’t say for sure)
8:30pm I get in line B for my flight and hang out and read my book…and wait patiently with everyone else – things are looking up.
9pm It’s looking like we are about to board, but then some of us notice that they are looking at THE SCREEN again – which basically means they are checking the radar again and probably bad news. Sure enough – the lady gets on the mic and says that Dallas is putting us on hold again and it will be at least another 45 minutes before we board. Fun times. Everyone sits down. I go plug in my dead phone and catch John just as he is pulling out of the driveway. The internet apparently said we were boarding. I told him that our sign at the airport had been flashing “boarding” for about an hour.
So I walk around a bit and then go sit down in line again.
10:15ish? Announcement time: (pay close attention, this one is tricky) Everyone on our current flight that is only going to Dallas is going to get transferred to flight 100 at gate 8. (we are currently at gate 10) So we all start walking down to gate 8 to have our tickets changed/get in line etc. they split us up between 8 and 9 to get the tickets done quicker. So a few people get their tickets and get in line at gate 8, then people who are getting their tickets start walking back the way we came…..and then someone tells the people in line at gate 8 to go back….I get my ticket – it’s for flight 92 (my original flight) at gate 11. Fun, ok, i’ll play this game…now what…I go to gate 11 and they are boarding people NOW, so I walk right on. Woo hoo.
I walk onto the plane and ask the flight attendant, “This plane is allegedly going to Dallas?” -yes. The pilot comes on “ok, we’re going to board and then pull away and go hang out somewhere for awhile”. Whatever, at least i’m on a plane now. The F.A. comes on and says “This flight is probably going to Dallas, KC and Chicago. If these are not your destinations, get off now. Once we take off, we MIGHT be offering you a snack/beverage.” Rather amusing. I was actually impressed by how calm and patient folks were. I guess all the impatient ones had left and decided to drive and were now stuck on I-35 with all the high water.

So about 1045pm we pull away and go park. I call John and tell him we’re taking off “soon”. The pilot comes on and says we are third in line….about 10 min to departure. But…. apparently one of the overhead compartments had been busted and wouldn’t close. The pilot said “To keep the compartment closed, we will be using some special tape. Unfortunately we do not have any of this special tape on board, so instead of taxing back to the terminal, someone is going to bring it out to us.” This was just funny at this point. 10 min. later someone brings on the special tape while we were making duct tape jokes….Then we watch as this guy tapes the compartment up like there’s a gremlin inside or something. It must have been VERY special tape. We all clapped when it was taped. yay.
11:15pm we actually taxi and take off. Slightly bumpy on the way up……on the way down….
arrive 12am ish…..get home around 1am ish.

Ok, so I know that wasn’t really a short version, but it didn’t take 5 hours to tell, so I consider that short.


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