What I’m doing tomorrow…

Strategic Prevention Framework – State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG) Capacity Building and Cultural Competency Training on Thu 22-Mar-07 9:00 AM

They had code to copy and paste, so I copied and pasted it.

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  • Bob R. Smith - With all the complaining I normally do, I honestly think I’d rather be at my job. But that’s why you do what you do and why I do what I do.

  • Heather Hurley (Smith) - That sounds interesting….I think. I’m going back to work tomorrow after being off for 6 days. The last four, of which, both girls are sick and the baby is also getting her first tooth. I’m looking forward to it!! 🙂

  • K - It was actually a good training and helpful to those attending. I’ve heard it all before, but a refresher is never bad. Good discussion. Only one more work related activity this week and then I can space out.

  • gauri - You’ve earned a cold one!

  • k - Oh, Gauri, if you only realized what this grant project was for, you’d know why I laughed out loud at your comment. =)

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