5k Training: Week 2

Ok, so far I have only been following the official 5k training schedule on Tuesdays when we go to training class. I’ve been working out plenty and even running, just not according to “the schedule”.   So my goal is to try to actually follow the schedule, or some combination of the schedule our teacher gave us, and ones I have found on-line.  As long as I don’t just start making up things, I should be ok.  Last night we did pace intervals which are basically where you run a certain distance repeatedly at your projected goal race ‘pace’, and take short breaks in between.  For example, I ran 400m six times and my goal was to run each 400 in 2:26.  I came pretty close (within a few seconds more or less) each time.  In between each 400, I got to walk/slow jog for half that time…..1:13ish.  A few times I went a little longer in between to let my heart rate come down some, but never more than 1:45.  After all that, I ran 100m Strides four times. Strides are when you start at a slow jog and increase your speed and stride until you reach the end of your distance.  I was supposed to run those in 36 seconds.  The slowest I went was 32.  It’s hard. Sprinting is fun, especially after all that long-distance stuff.  So today I’m supposed to run….2ish miles easy.  We’ll see. Today is yoga day, and I like to take it easy on yoga day.  Especially because if I get my heart rate up too much before class, I’m likely to pass out. Oh well. If I don’t run today, I’m doing HILLS tomorrow. yikes.  So here’s my dilemma, do I do HILLS before or after abs/kickboxing. Yikes.  Maybe I’ll go do them in the morning or something.  We’re all going to end up feeling like Sisyphus – ugh.  Oh well, at least I don’t have to push a rock.

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  • The 70's Couple - Pass out? Did you get any report back from your test? D & M

  • k - Mom, relax, this has nothing to do with MY heart in particular. If you do cardio before yoga, you need to leave enough time for your heart rate to slow down before you start doing positions where your head is above your heart. FYI, I have NEVER passed out.

  • k - Yeah, um, I meant “when your heart is above your head” yup.

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