5k Training: Week 5

I didn’t skip the workout…I just took a few days to post. I actually went in early on Tuesday and ran inside. I went when there wasn’t anyone in there, just in case I had to clear my throat a million times or something. It actually wasn’t bad. I’ve only started to get congested, like, today. Anyhow, it was pace intervals again (she made out our workout schedules for us ahead of time – how sweet) 😉 hehe. Anyhow, I walked half a mile and then (very slowly) ran a mile to warm up. I seriously didn’t know you could actually run at that slow of a speed on a treadmill. Apparently, it is possible.

Then I did the workout which consisted of some 800s, 400s and 200s. 3600m total.  Including the warmup, it was almost 3.5 miles. =)  Then I went home, cleaned up, went back to work and then several of us went out for dinner and some pool and darts since people didn’t have to work on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a good time. I made some cheesy potatoes and we went to a nice 4th of July Bash/Hog Roast.  Great food and music and it was nice to hang out with people.  Did that for about 7 hours, then came home and crashed on the couch.  We listened to the fireworks outside, we didn’t even go out to watch.  Don’t worry, the neighbor kids will be setting them off for weeks, especially since there are no fire restrictions (AT ALL) right now.  Feeling a little better, sort of, today, but I think some of my allergies are trying to sneak in while I have this cold. I didn’t go to the gym again today, but 2 days off after 6 straight is fair, I think.  =)

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