5k’s and Ceilings

So, been a little busy lately.  This past weekend I finally ran the 5k that I’d been training for. Yipee.  I know the time’s not fast. 36 min and 12 seconds…but it’s alot faster than my old non-official time of 41 mins…and WAY faster than my last 5k time (half walked/half ran) of around 48 minutes.  And…I finished! Yeah! That was the whole goal anyways.  It was a different kind of 5k too, not at all flat, but a cross-country style run up and down hills and trails, etc, so I imagine I can run a flat 5k at about the same speed without making my heart work quite as hard as it did. No worries, it was just from the hills I think.  I felt fine though the whole way through. Not to say it wasn’t hard, but there is surely something to be said for running MORE than your race distance before the race = basically, you know you can run the whole thing because you’ve done it before and gone even further.

After we girls finished the race, we headed off to the military surplus store and bought our boots and used pants and various other necessities (socks, belts, etc). It is a pretty neat store. Lots of useful things and the stuff was nice an affordable – especially considering the fact we will be doing our best to ruin everything in the mud!  This week JC and  I are going to try running just one mile in our new boots.  We ought to be an odd site out running at LMRA in shorts, tanks and boots. Fun times.  Mud Run training starts in about 2 weeks, so I am looking forward to that and getting dirty and having fun.  I got my new weights workout at the gym all set up last week, so I start on that today. Should be interesting…and hard, which is good.

In other news, J and I finally finished the kitchen ceiling lighting stuff this weekend!!! We did a little bit each day and as of my last minute paint touch ups this morning, we are ready to put the lights back up and we’ll be done!!! Pictures to follow.  Everybody have a good day today!!!

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