A Change of Taste

Sorry there’s been so much talk about my new running regimen. That’s just what I’m up to, and what I’ve been excited about – as totally wrong as that sounds. I have been doing other things too. Honest. Like work, very thrilling. Data formatting – exhilarating stuff. Eating well, which reminds me I have several new recipes, primarily veggie dishes that I need to add to the food site. I actually made squash the other day…and ate it… and liked it. If my 5-year-old-self could see me now, she would probably run away screaming “say it ain’t so! what happened to me!!” I’ve noticed a lot over the past several years that, when I’m willing to try them, I am discovering that I like more and more kinds of food. Now, I must backtrack a bit and say that I believe I grew up liking more vegetables that most kids. Part of it was the farm thing, but that can’t be completely trusted…because there’s my sister. =) (love you!) Pickiest eater ever, when she was a kid. Now she eats lots of yummy vegetables. My biggest reason for loving lots of veggies was my Grandma. She had a garden that she kept really nice and always have fresh fruits and veggies that we would eat all the time. She is also the primary reason I love to cook. She grew what came to be my favorite vegetable – yellow tomatoes, and taught me to love asparagus, lima beans..and other yummy stuff. Mom taught me to love broccoli and cauliflower, and no matter how much either of them tried, NO ONE could get me to like sauerkraut, cole slaw, or spinach. Just not happening. There are some things that just aren’t right. Now, I know your tastes supposedly change every 7 years or so, so I guess it make sense that I now eat such foods once considered unthinkable or ‘ewww’.  Potato salad, RAW onions! (what’s wrong with me), eggplant, shrimp (grilled), and REAL fish like salmon, halibut, talapia, jalapenos, and now apparently – squash. Oh yeah, and tomato soup – that one was a pure case of ‘no one ever made it at home, so i didn’t even have a chance’. When my college roommate made grilled cheese and tomato soup for the first time, I thought she was an amazing genius (which she of course, is). Best idea ever. I actually said, “this stuff tastes like spaghettios” – um, yeah. duh.

Are there any foods that you’ve started liking after reaching ‘adulthood’ that you despised as a child?

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  • heather - Ok, I am still the pickiest eater ever, but am slowly being taken over by my own daughter (Sara). The difference now is that I cook all the delicious vegetables all the time for my family. I know I have very, very few years left before the kids notice that mom is not chowing down on the broccoli. But — Hah! — too late, they all like it already. Except Sara.

    Now, have to say, your father will smack you on the head for saying that no one ever made grilled cheese and tomato soup. That’s like, his favorite thing, and Jason’s too. You may have been the recipient of too many years of your older sister cooking grilled cheese for you, where I would promptly and easily ignore the multiple cans of tomato soup in the cabinet.

    The biggest change for me from childhood is definitely onions, which I love in all forms now. Also Mexican food, which has a lot of strange things wrapped up that I can’t see — a major no-no when I was younger!

    I actually hate being the picky one, but can’t seem to get over it with many foods. Cooked cauliflower has too many memories of gagging attached to it. : )


  • k - Ok, well, you did a great job of hiding the tomato soup from me then, because I sure never had any. =) And seriously? Broccoli and cauliflower covered in campbell’s cheese soup? I loved that stuff! The only thing that sends me running that contains things I would otherwise eat… diced vegetable medley. Oh, the horror.

  • JaNae - I remember the grilled cheese and tomato soup incident! I also have to say that I agree with the “genius” comment…glad I could enlighten you on the wonderous combination. I’ll never forget when you made “hot jello” when you weren’t feeling good…I thought you’d really gone off the deep end then. Turns out it does make you feel better!

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