Getting Excited

What gets you excited? Does anything? Is there anything (no matter how small or silly it seems) that gives you those, I can’t sleep/wait until X happens? I must admit that the number of things that get me to that level of excitement have dwindled since my youth…but they still exist. For instance… I saw HP 5 yesterday. SOOOOOOO exciting. I don’t REALLY know why, exactly, I just get excited about them. Part of the reason I think is that it is such a well written story. It’s a mystery, and I love mysteries! Especially when you can’t figure out the ending until the author shows it to you. Those are the good ones. Plus, with the movies… I’ve read the book, I know the story, I just want to see it played out on the big screen. And I have to say they did a great job of matching what I saw in my head when I read the book. It doesn’t matter how old you are – a good story is a good story. Anyhow, what gets you excited? And I don’t believe anyone who says they are ‘too old’ to get excited about anything. Bullocks. (to borrow from our English friends).  I don’t think ‘grown ups’ get excited about enough things.  We have taught ourselves to expect dissapointment, so we don’t get excited about things just in case they don’t turn out as planned.  There’s no fun in that.  Yes, yes, there is being realistic and mature, but that’s not the same thing as bitter and resentful.  I think if more people just spent a little time being excited about something, our lives would be just a little bit more cheerful.  And no matter how determined you are to be grumpy, cheerful is not a bad thing.  (This is completely unrelated to “too cheerful” which is a scary disorder that some people have)

I don’t care if it’s your weekly Sports Illustrated, or your weekly DIET FREE day, or when Black Raspberries are in season…. something has to get you excited. So what is it?

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  • auntie n - I get excited just to see what you are up to!!!!!!

    A good book!! — & yes – a black raspberry pie make w/berries from Crossway Farms!

  • gauri - 1. Traveling/vacationing/the night before I leave 🙂
    2. Starting a new diet… oh, the anticipation (before I eventually burn out)
    3. Seeing the hubby at the end of a long day.
    4. Being given a complex legal issue and working my way to the bottom of it
    5. A movie based on a book that I read
    6. Having friends visit- we’re hosting quite a few people this year, hopefully we’ll have a real house soon.

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