The Common Cold

The common cold

the uncommon cold

they say that an untreated cold last 7 days, and a treated cold lasts a week.

i think i’ll take my chances with the week.  7 days just FEELs so much longer.  i am currently on day 2…of the week.  anyway, it’s not like I can actually “treat” my cold with anything other than cough drops and homeopathic stuff.  grumble, grumble….decongestants….grumble, grumble…

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  • Todd Jones - Hey,

    Why do they call it “common”? I dunno. Maybe you can find something to help get you over that cold. Also, hope you don’t get too cold.


  • The 70's Couple - Make sure you are taking your vitamins :)…..and I wish I could send you some of Grandma’s vegetable soup!!…..Love, Mom

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