We ran a 5k, but no one was watching.

I think it is hilarious (to me at least) that people get all excited, myself included about running certain distances in races, but you run just that much (or at least you should) while training.  I guess it only applies to those of us who are transitioning to the run-all-of-it phase from the run/walk phase.  For everyone else, they are just trying to improve their times.  But for those of us who will be running the whole thing for the first time, it is kind of a big deal.  It seems so anticlimactic then, since yesterday my friend and I ran 3.25 miles (without stopping!!!) for the first time yesterday.  That’s a 5k+ for those of you without a calculator handy.  We were proud of ourselves though. We even pretended there was a banner hanging there at the end of our 13th lap.  We’ve come up with a few clever motivational tools the last few times we’ve gone running. My favorite ones are when we’ve run, say, half of what we set out to, and we’ve got 2 laps left or 2 miles.  One of us will say, “just two more. you can do two of anything!” and we’re just like yeah! it’s just 2. we can do that. Completely putting out of our minds all that came before.  But “one” is my fav.  “We just have one.  Anyone can do anything ONCE! Just one!”  Self-psychology is so much fun. =)  Anyway, it was a good run.  I’m looking forward to our next self-imposed challenge – running – stopping and doing pushups/something – running again. Repeat.

My favorite way of staying motivated for the Mud Run?  I ask myself, ‘Do I want to feel more pain now, or out there on the course’.  The answer is always now. More pain now = less pain later.  Now I can redo, take breaks, try again. Out there, I don’t get that chance.  I’d like to be the one helping my teamates over the walls, not the one who needs all the help. (Although I’ll take a boost, that’s for sure). =)

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