I can’t believe the weekend is over already.

It’s been an eventful and interesting weekend. Most of the weekend I spent preparing for and helping put on our big Back to School event at the convention center downtown. That took up pretty much most of Friday and almost all of Saturday, although we did squeeze some good time in with friends on both nights. That all pretty much wiped me out. But today we did manage to get up and get a few things done, and spend some more much needed time with friends. We tried a new (new location – old restaurant) burger place that is supposed to have the best burgers in fort worth. They were very good. Now I just need to try them and my other favorite burgers in the same day. =) Life is a little bit hectic right now. Not so very much for me…but my friends are going through some rough patches. Some are dealing with hurricanes this very minute or other nasty weather and some are dealing with personal issues that are just so tough to go through. I’m thinking about all of you and praying for you. I hope everyone has a safe and peaceful week this week.

On a slightly lighter note…us girls are going (indoor) rock climbing tomorrow and i’m super excited. !!!!

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