It’s finally summer in Texas

Yikes. Somebody finally reminded the Texas weather that it was August and that it should be ridiculously hot outside. boo. It hasn’t made it into the hundreds yet, but it’s so freakin humid with all this rain that the heat index is about 10 degrees about the actual temp – therefore…hundreds.
Me, Simposonized

Mosquitos = horrible, worse than ever, hungry little #$%@$%@

Off to the used bookstore today to do a little shopping. There are a few books that I’m after that are really cheap online, but that cheapness lessens a little when you have to pay for shipping, so I’m checking out the half-price books before I order online. Then I get to go have my SPORTS MASSAGE!!!! yipee!!! I’m very excited. My sore muscles are even more excited than my brain I think. =) Hope everyone stays cool today and has a great Friday! YES! TGIF! It is Friday, right? 😉

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