Mud Run For Everyone!

So, last night was our my third Mud Run training class. They started having class on Tuesdays too, and I had to miss this week for our fantasy football draft. I did get some good people on my fantasy team though =) Anyway, there are several people who have at least expressed interest in what kind of workouts we were doing to prepare for this mud run thing. This in no way means that they want to DO them, they just want to know what we’re up to. hehe. Anyhow, I thought I would post our first few weeks of workout schedule that they are giving us. Now, I have not been following this schedule to a T, because I have other workouts that have been put together for me for the run that I am working on right now that basically cover most of the same activities. But on days when I have nothing else scheduled, I usually do what the workout sheet says. Since Thursdays (and tues) are group workout days, we pretty much do what they tell us, which tends to coincide with whats on the worksheet. Now, I can’t find the sheet for week one, but here are the rest so far:

Mud Run Training Schedules  
Week 2 (August 22, 2007) View 8.22.07
Week 3 (August 29, 2007) View 8.29.07
Week 4 (September 5, 2007) View 9.5.07
Week 5 (September 12, 2007) View 9.12.07
Week 6 (September 19, 2007) View 9.19.07

Enjoy!  You should be able to save the image file and print or just print from the screen.

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