Running In Boots

We did it. Yesterday JC and I ran in our new jungle boots. Just a mile, but we didn’t want to kill ourselves.  It had just been pouring before we ran, so it was extra humid when we ran.  To my surprise, my feet weren’t bothering me. I put insols into the boots and little heel protector things, so my feet were quite comfortable…considering I was running in boots.  The hard part was when the rest of my body tried to make myself run in the boots.  They were fairly light boots…but they’re still boots – not tennis shoes.  A few steps in and we were like, ‘um…this is hard!’.  But we knew that it would be.  We would rather experience the shock of how tough running in boots is before we show up for our first Mud Run training class.  After about 2 laps (1/2 mile) I was like “haven’t we been doing this for like 8 or 9 weeks? Haven’t we been running?”  It really just sent you back because the boots just add that weight difference and running form change.   It makes me want to get much better at running in the boots…before we add mud.  yikes.

On the bright side, the next time I run in my regular shoes, I’ll probably be able to go further and work less. =) Or at least it will feel that way.

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