The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

Ok, not really, but unless you have been avoiding the news or any weather report lately (unlikely) then have you noticed all the freakin’ storms? Normally, a hurricane in the carribean wouldn’t get my attention too much, unless of course that hurricane was headed straight for the island where one of my best friends and her brand spankin’ new husband are on their honeymoon.   I hope they make it home safely, along with the other people I know who are at the same resort. At least it’s not supposed to hit DURING their vacation.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, there is/was a tropical storm getting ready to hit Japan, where one of my other best friends lives with her husband. Apparently not a full force typhoon like that last one (thank goodness), but her hubby still got to get out of dodge with the multi million dollar planes while she stays behind and holds down the apartment building. We’re thinking about you Michelle.

I have another friend who’s entire family lives in Peru = earthquake. But they live several hundred miles away from the epicenter, so everyone is okay. Good deal. I think that’s it for catastrophic weather and other phenomena for today kids, stay tuned though, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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