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Like I just mentioned in the last post, I am finally learning how to program. One might be tempted to say that I am ‘teaching myself’ to program, but this book is clearly doing the teaching. For those of you who are interested, I’m learning to program in Ruby.

In other news, I wanted to say that me and the girls had a blast on Monday night at the wall climbing place!! The one we went to is called Dyno-Rock in Arlington. Very fun and I can’t wait to go back. We didn’t have much trouble at all with the wall that had an angle to it (making it easier to climb) and we all made it to the top of the wall at least once. The straight vertical climbs were a bit tougher, but still fun. At first we thought they would be really hard, but it wasn’t that bad. You just get tired sooner because you are supporting more of your own weight. I made it up about 2/3 of the way on one of the vertical walls. And I will say this, footholds and grips matter and now I know exactly why you need a chalk bag. It was amusing though because some of the footholds were shaped like little animals and stuff, so we were like – ‘ok, see if you can get to the frog’. =) Good times.

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  • Mielinski - well once you get good at that…between your husband and myself, we will have all scripting languages covered! WONDER TRIPLETS POWERS ACTIVATE!!!

  • k - puts ‘What\’s your favorite number?’
    number = gets.chomp
    puts ‘That number is lame.’
    one = 1
    new = number.to_i
    fav = one new
    puts ‘You\’re favorite number should be ‘ fav.to_s ‘.’

    ta da

  • Mielinski - so you dont have to tell it to add one and new together? wow…that is a smart language =P

  • k - yeah i do. it’s supposed to say fav= one (plus) new, but it didn’t show up.

  • Mielinski - next time you can try:
    fav = number.to_i 1

    but hey, baby steps 🙂

  • k - I was just happy to get it to work. I know I can make the code leaner…eventually. it is my first day. =)

  • gauri - ?

  • k - Hi Gauri. I’ve entered the world of geeks.

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