A Recipe on HERE! I know!

Ok, so I made a food blog specifically for recipes…. but um, like me and one other person use it, and I wanted to make sure more people saw this awesome recipe. It’s from this month’s issue of Runners World mag. There is a whole section called ‘Real Good Eats’ that’s about eating wholesome, yummy REAL food instead of just protein bars, etc to give you energy and stuff.

Blueberry and Walnut Pancakes

Now, if you are trying to lose weight you may look at this recipe and go ‘um, no’, but consider that eating these for breakfast (occasionally) will keep you full for a long time and less likely to snack.  Trust me.  The fresh blueberries are awesome.  I made the whole batch and then froze the rest to pop in the microwave.  The only problem with the recipe is in typical recipe sharing fashion, they left the sugar quantity out of the ingredient list, but it is listed in the directions.  I improvised and added about 1/8 c. granular sugar.  That tasted fine with no need for butter or syrup or powdered sugar.  If you ALWAYS put extra sugar on your pancakes, at least try these plain first before you add the extra. You may find you actually like them.  Also, try just adding a little honey (which is already an ingredient) on top to sweeten them up if you have to add something.  Anyhow, they are awesome! If you try them, or some variation, let me know what you think!

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