Saw Her in Concert Last night!

This is just a Youtube video of one of the new songs that Brandi Carlile sang last night at the HOB in Dallas (these are not videos from last night – i wish). Sweet concert. Awesome show. Minus the loud – mostly funny – but also annoying drunk people surrounding us, it was perfect. We got there early and got some sweet seats in the balcony, just behind the reserved section. A Fine Frenzy was great too, but Brandi rocked. Soooooooooooooooooooo worth the $20. OMG. Enjoy the video.

Here are a few more…

I write these words

How these days grow long” (acapella)

And my favorite song right now….

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  • heather - I’m so glad you got to see her! What was your favorite song?

  • k - Oh goodness, hard to pick one favorite, she played soooo many new songs that were really good. My favorites….

    I Write these words
    The Story, of course
    And she did a great job on Folsom Prison Blues!

    Just search for it on youtube

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