My “Things I’ve Seen While Running” Checklist

Ah, the perils of running in a suburban neighborhood.

– Being chased by random unleashed dog – Check

– Passing someone walking with an alcohol beverage in a brown paper sack. – Check

The dog, incidentally, was medium-size and totally overweight. I lost him after a few steps. He was just noisy and came at me from between some cars. They need to make running maps so you can highlight ‘hazards’ on routes. Hmmm….idea….. And everyone I have talked to about keeping your pets a healthy weight (from my days as a pet nurse)? If you are not going to keep your dog inside or on a leash (and you live in town) – nevermind. Let them get super chubby. That way I can outrun them. 😉
Passing the guy who looked like he had a 40oz in his brown bag, on a Wednesday afternoon…..just inspired me to keep on running.

Oh, I can’t wait for all the other running mini-adventures I’ll be having. I’ll be sure to share them with you.

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