Winter as Offseason? Not here.

The last several weeks, we have been visiting a local park with a running track for our shorter runs.  It’s a nice paved track and it’s always lit up at night. Why? Because the lights get turned on by parents and/or coaches with kids from age 4-5 up to possibly 13? out there practicing their competitive sporting skills.  Just an observation.  Every night we’ve been out there, which has been at least 3 out of the five weekdays, there has been a combination of fathers/coaches working with a young teen girl (or younger) on her fast-pitches and small groups of younger boys working on their football skills.  Now this doesn’t really suprise me, I mean we are in Texas and football is king, so the indoctrination and training must begin early.  And hey, the spring fast-pitch seasons don’t wait until “spring” to start down here, so why not practice so that you can be a better pitcher next year.  It’s just seeing all this in action that I’m not used to.  I’ve been down here for over 4 years now, but this whole becoming active …and staying active through the cold weather is just a new thing for me.   Up north,  you typically can’t just go run outside most days of the week because you will fall on your butt.  I know, I’ve done it, and I wasn’t even running.  Outdoor activities were typically reserved for when you were bored inside and it had snowed so you had snowball fights or just ran around in the snow.  So this whole active winter thing is still a foreign concept to me.

I know people who have still been playing in their 3rd softball season of the year! The only reason people stop organized sports around here this time of year is because they all take off time for the Holidays.  The weather has nothing to do with it.  Just something to get used to.

Hey, I’m all for not falling on my butt everytime I step out the door.  It makes running a few miles much easier.

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