Breck 2008 Part 1

So, what could be more fun than riding in a car full of people and stuff for 14 hours all through the night?  Pretty much everything.  Ok, it wasn’t that bad, just long.  There were the random discussions that the boys had that I will not repeat here, there was the great landscape — oh wait, it was dark. Nevermind.  Somewhere on the edge of Texas there was a coyote, and in New Mexico, foxes! How exciting. Of course I missed both foxes even though I was in the front passengers seat trying to stay awake so that I could help John stay awake while he drove the 11pm to 3+am shift.  Carl pretty much slept the whole time.  Yes, yes, he did offer to drive some.  Me, I was on dramamine the whole time so driving was pretty much not a good idea. But hey, I never got car sick, which is WAY more important.  Other exciting happenings on the way to Breck?  There was our interesting stop at an indoor sit down Sonic that had tables with little red phones on them. That’s how you ordered. Through the little phone.  The kitchen, was literally 6 feet away.  Pretty funny.  Watching the temperature drop on Dan’s car thermometer was mildly amusing, especially when we really got into Breck about 7am and it said -2.  Yup.  We got into town, and after some way too confusing map reading, we found the condo, hauled everything inside only to discover the cleaning service had not been there yet.  Put everything in the closet just in case they came while we were gone. Went and got our rental gear and some much need coffee…yum.  I got my board and boots and determined for the time being that I was “goofy footed” (right foot forward on my board). Then we went back to the condo – still not cleaned  – got dressed for skiing/snowboarding – took all of our stuff back down to the car, then when the girls showed up, Carl brought all of it back up. Such a nice boy. 😉

So that was the beginning. Stay tuned for next time when Karyn learns how to put on a snowboard without sliding down a small hill.

And I’m working on a video montage – oh yes.

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  • Mielinski - your readers demand part 2!!! bring on the Chillicothe DQ portion!!! 🙂

  • Deb - I am disappointed to see that Carl was not wearing his bright teal girlie coat. Sad day!

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