Breck 2008 Part 2

You people are demanding! You were there, tell it yourself.  Anyway. Thursday was day 1 on the slopes – at least for everyone else.  That part of the story, the part where people were all over the mountain and skiing … I can’t tell that part, because I wasn’t there.  Anyway, we got out to the lift area and I was in time to sign up for one of the all-day snowboard lessons.  For the morning session, I was actually the only student, so honestly, that was nice.  No one but the instructor had to wait on me to figure out all the really simple stuff, like, you know, strapping into the board…. how to stand up.  All the important things, you know. 😉

Anyway, by the end the of morning (hour and a half) I could strap in, stand up and skate, and sort of stop (if going less than 1/2 mph). Yay! Progress.  Oh, and I made it up the t-bar lift once – almost fell but held on for dear life and made it up the 50 feet of extremely shallow slope.  J and I met for lunch, but I had to go start classes again by the time everyone else made it to the restaurant.  They combined the afternoon classes and a few more people joined, so we had a nice little group.  It was nice to be with a group of folks who were a little better and a little worse than me.  My peers. =)

While I was busy slowly traversing the snow, everyone else was off skiing and snowboarding all over the place.  The lifts closed down around 3:30/4pm so we all eventually made our ways back to the condo, which is not a long walk in general, but if you weigh an extra 50 lbs because of all your gear and board and happen to be staying on the top floor…. not that fun.

Let’s see, the first night consisted of a trip to the grocery (which I miraculously somehow managed to get out of) and they brought back pizza! And quite a bit of Guitar Hero.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of video of that.

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