Ron Paul American Pie montage


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  • Bob R. Smith - I agree with most of what he says. And I could vote for him because I’m fairly certain most of his crazier ideas wouldn’t get through congress. Still not sure he’d get a lot done. I think he’s kind of like me, he’s got a lot of good ideas, but they all co-mingle and doing one or two won’t work, you kind of have to buy into the whole system change.

    And I’m kinda surprised you’d consider him…. considering he wants to do away with any and all government social work.

  • k - I certainly don’t speak for social workers at large, but for me personally, it’s the helping people that is the point. Whether that is through a federal program or a private charity or organization, makes no difference to me. The more you spend working with the fed. assistance system, the more you know that it is certainly flawed. Even if he wasn’t able to change the whole system, trying really hard would certainly shake things up and at least get people to examine the usefulness of things we have accepted as necessary. Anyway, I’m not necessarily supporting him, I’m just putting the information out there. 😉

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