Breck 2008 Part 4! Already! Amazing!

Ok, so where were we, oh, right, Saturday morning. Since I wasn’t feeling the best still, I ended up staying in and meeting everyone else for lunch and then heading up the slopes. Gotta get my lift-tickets worth! So everyone else took off in the morning and wore themselves out. Except J and Carl who seem to get more energy as they go. Me and Dan, we complained about our achy muscles and lamented about the “3 of 5 day” lift tickets and wouldn’t it be nice if we had those 2 extra days to recover…. Apparently the high altitude was for John like the sun is for Superman because by the end of day 3 he felt totally acclimated and ready for lots more skiing. Me and my tail bone, we needed a break. Although, I didn’t mention this before but I wore my heart rate monitor on day one to see how the good ole heart rate handled boarding and honestly to see how many calories I was burning. I felt guilty for not running, but I knew I was burning loads of calories. In fact I let it go from 10am to 4pm on day one which was just my lesson day and I ended up burning 3400 calories! Sweet! Which, in my experience when I run, I burn just over 100 calories per mile (running slowly)….. so I’d say that was a good workout. 😉 It didn’t work very well on day two so I couldn’t get a reading for the whole day, but I can only imagine that actually going down the runs several times was at least the same or more calories. This was comforting since I ate like crazy while we were there.

So, day 3. Oh boy. They skied/boarded most of the day. I met them for lunch. I did make it down the hill at least two more times, but that was about all I could handle. I pretty much just resolved to work on my toe edge and getting a little more speed and not really work on my heel edge skills. I wanted to, but the fear of landing on my tail bone AGAIN, which did happen, was just way too painful of a thought for me to risk too much. So day three marked the end of learning and the beginning of just enjoyment and survival. Everyone pretty much ended up back at the condo by about 330/4. We all got cleaned up and loaded all our gear in the suv to take back to the rental places. J and I decided to walk there so we could look at the town more and walk by the shops. We, of course ended up beating everyone else who rode there because the traffic on the one road out of town was so slow. We all took our stuff back (and met our little fox friend) and then most of us walked around and shopped, while Dan took the suv back. There were a ton of shops and some of the souvenirs were actually affordable, thank goodness. We took a detour and looked at the International Snow Sculpture entries which were mostly still intact. Germany’s 2nd place “Bridge of Destiny” or whatever, had collapsed. The sculptures were crazy and really good.

So, we ate dinner at the Breckenridge Brewery. Super yummy food. When we left to walk back it was freakin’ cold! So we made it back and hung out, played more Hero and watched more movies and started packing. And that was the end of Day 3 of Breck.

Next: Part 5 – the way home.

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  • Todd E. Jones - Hey, I want to see a picture of you hitting a tree! or falling on your tail bone! Sounds like you are having a great time. Be safe!

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